Is Bleeding After Anal Intercourse Cause Of Concern?

Is Bleeding After Anal Intercourse Cause Of Concern?

Bleeding after rectal intercourse typically isn’t cause for concern.

Lots of people experience light spotting every once in awhile as a result of delicate nature associated with cells included.

It could be a sign of an underlying condition or injury that should be addressed if you’re experiencing heavier bleeding, though.

You really need to visit a doctor or any other doctor in the event that you notice significantly more than a few falls of light red bloodstream, or you encounter vexation that can last for significantly more than two times.

Here’s just how to recognize the main cause, methods for relief, how exactly to lower your danger for future bleeding, and much more.

Bleeding after rectal intercourse is oftentimes caused by too friction that is much rough behavior, or cuts from fingernails.

Many causes that are common

  • Anal rips (fissures). The delicate muscle inside the anal passage and round the anal area can tear during penetration. Continue reading