Somnophilia – The Kink for Resting Sex

Somnophilia – The Kink for Resting Sex

Recently I discovered a kink referred to as somnophillia, or rest kink. I’ve written extensively about a myriad of kinks within the past, there clearly wasn’t lot left available to you that shocks me personally. Or makes me feel uncomfortable. But this kink seemed different.

Somnophillia is a kink for the resting partner, or even for someone making love you are asleep with you whilst. This kink has an element of reality to it that seemed to cut it apart from the rest unlike some other kinks, ones that involve roleplay and fantasy.

Are rest kinks distinctive from sleepy intercourse?

To be clear, somnophilia is significantly diffent to sex* that is sleepy. Sleepy intercourse may be the type you have for a Sunday early early morning, whenever you perform a sluggish sexy spoon, or the half-asleep blowjob you could offer someone before work. Sleepy intercourse is the fact that comfortable kind of intercourse that folks who reside have on the together couch while you’re watching Blue Planet.

The thing that’s great about sleepy intercourse can it be suggests comfortableness around your lover. No one is truly wanting to perform or wow anyone else. There can be a misconception that sleepy sex is somehow sluggish, or otherwise not extremely passionate, but this couldn’t be further through the truth. What’s more passionate than a couple whom can’t keep their fingers off one another, also before their very very very first coffee? Or after a tiring at work day?

Those who are actually into rest kinks aren’t simply sleepy, they truly are asleep. Unconscious. Continue reading