Aussie woman’s ‘brutal’ two-year challenge. Fintech: the simple electronic means of banking and loaning cash

Aussie woman’s ‘brutal’ two-year challenge. Fintech: the simple electronic means of banking and loaning cash

Sydneysider Lottie Dalziel set herself an objective in 2018. Now, a couple of years later, she’s not just pulled it off – she’s saved herself a very good $7000.

A whole new category of lenders has arrived on the scene giving us all more choice when it comes to saving and borrowing money in recent years.

Lottie saved by herself $7000 by stopping searching for 2 yrs. Source: Supplied

At the beginning of 2018, I set myself the target to give up purchasing clothing in a bid to save lots of money which help conserve the planet. Seems simple right?

Well, it had been initially lot harder than I was thinking. Having a traffic jam of fancy activities and occasions I’d to obtain innovative, but couple of years on i’ve discovered my groove (also it’s worth noting, it took 10 months for my co-workers to also vaguely realize that I happened to be grossly outfit repeating).

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The task began once I chose to consider just what would definitely occur to the latest garbage case packed with garments I happened to be tossing down. For a tiny nation, where using plastic thongs to your stores and shorts into the office is socially appropriate, I happened to be horrified to find out that we have been the world’s second biggest customers of textiles, with each person purchasing an average of 27kg of the latest clothes every year.

Every 10 minutes, with the large majority heading straight to the tip, totalling 500,000 tonnes each year on top of that, thanks to our obsession with decluttering and finding products that “spark joy”, we throw out a whopping 6000kg of clothing that don’t spark joy. Continue reading